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Our partner is the national ICT service provider Pfalzkom when it comes to the success and digital security of your company now and in the future. The latest technologies and customized, modular solutions in the field of IT consulting, managed services, data centers and the entire service portfolio of the Microsoft Azure Cloud are all part of our offered services.

Key facts about DATACENTER Rhein-Neckar II (Source: PFALZKOM)

Highly available data centers & maximum range of services

In addition to the regional fiber optic network, Pfalzkom maintains several data centers in the Rhine-Neckar region and has been an extremely successful company of the Pfalzwerke Group since 1998. In addition to the three own data centers in the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region, there are also the partner data center in Ludwigshafen and partner data centers in Munich.

With the use of the Rhein-Neckar DCRN II, we provide you with a highly available and secure service portfolio from Microsoft Azure Cloud within Germany. In addition, the range of services extends from racks and surfaces to cages for servers. This means that you have all connections to your locations, partners, the public clouds and the digital marketplaces of the future.

In addition to the solutions tailored precisely to your needs, we provide you with a direct connection of your data to the fiber optic backbone.

What are the advantages of using an external data center?

In addition to the fact that outsourcing generally results in cost savings and offers additional services, there is 24/7 access to and monitoring of IT outsourcing. Access times are much shorter in our own data center.

Further convincing benefits of DCRN II

With the external data center from Pfalzkom you get a maximum of security and high performance as well as a technology that is always up to date. Safe operation of your servers with extremely reliable supply and more focus on the core business by outsourcing data center operations.

  • Extremely high data availability and faster, more secure data transmission with permanent monitoring through outsourcing. In addition, there is failure safety & protection against data loss as well as individual solutions for your risk management.
  • The scaling of your system and service requirements is adjusted dynamically and not statically. This means that you have the advantage of a more efficient use of resources and, at the same time, a reduction in costs.
  • The Pfalzkom Group's DCRN II data center has a direct, secure power supply from the Pfalzwerke's supply network. The Rhein-Neckar data center is therefore 100% securely connected to all important exchange nodes.
  • DE-CIX, the operator of the world's largest Internet node, offers its interconnection services in both data centers of the Pfalzwerke in the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region. As a customer, you benefit from the most important networking and coupling options.
  • Four server rooms as separate fire compartments with a total of approx. 2,340 m² server area
  • In terms of availability and efficiency, the data centers of the Pfalzkom are tested and score with high availability class 3+ and a guaranteed minimum availability of 99.98% per year.