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Center of Excellence

Test and experience Azure Stack

Driven by global demand and a shared vision, Bordonaro IT, Microsoft, and Dell Technologies have collaborated to design and build the ultimate in Azure Stack infrastructure and experience center, with the Microsoft Azure Stack Center of Excellence, Powered by Dell Technologies.

The Center of Excellence fits into the comprehensive Microsoft Azure Hybrid Cloud ecosystem and shows the possible applications and scenarios.

Test and experience the impressive performance of Azure Stack in productive use in the Microsoft Azure Stack Center of Excellence.

State-of-the-art performance - the specialized infrastructure design ensures optimal interaction between Microsoft Azure Stack and high-end hardware.

Center of Excellence

The Hybrid Cloud challenge for SMB

Planning for the hybrid cloud can be a challenge not faced in other walks of IT life. While Public Cloud makes it easy to get started and understand how your workloads will be managed and perform, deploying cloud consistent infrastructure on premises in order to do the same takes a lot of time, effort, and cost.

Center of Exellence

The solution: Azure Stack CoE

The Microsoft Azure Stack Center of Excellence, Powered by Dell Technologies is designed to remove that challenge, and allow our joint customers to see the Azure hybrid family operating at peak performance. Using infrastructure designed to showcase the Azure Stack family at its best, this Center of Excellence showcases how the Microsoft Hybrid Cloud family can perform not just in theory, but in practice when you deploy it.

Testing Azure Stack

Azure Stack PoC

Try Azure Stack before you buy. In the Microsoft Azure Stack CoE, the experts from BORDONARO IT guide you through the provisioning process and allow you to carry out a detailed test of the hybrid cloud for your respective application scenario.

Bordonaro IT - Twice awarded for your success

Infrastructure and software are nothing without proper management, and this is guaranteed by BORDONARO IT, the world's leading experts in the design, implementation and operation of Microsoft Hybrid Cloud scenarios, to ensure that your Microsoft Hybrid Cloud deployment runs smoothly.

Testscenario for ISV - deploying Software in Azure Stack

VaaS with Azure Stack

Independent software manufacturers (ISV) also benefit from the diverse test options in the Microsoft Azure Stack Center of Excellence and can, among other things, test the compatibility of their own products with Azure Stack.

Experience and test Azure Stack now

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